Planning to travel by train in India?
Confused by the railway system?
Want to travel comfortably and conveniently by train?

The India Train Guide tells you everything you need to know about travelling on the Indian Railways.  Happy travels!

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to train operations in India.  Please avoid travelling by train unless absolutely necessary until the situation improves.  If you must, here are some useful tips.

Whether you're an Indian or a foreigner travelling in India, you're going to take the train at some point.  Spanning over 65,000 kilometres and ferrying more than 23 million passengers daily, the Indian Railways provides unmatched connectivity across the country. 


Be it a 3,500+ kilometre journey across India, overnight travel between two nearby towns, a short intercity hop, or a cheap suburban commute, you can probably do it by train.  Trains are safer than buses, and for short-distance journeys, often more convenient and scenic than flying.

But the Indian Railways is a rather complicated mode of transport.  It is often difficult to understand the different types of trains and classes, fare rules, booking processes, waitlists - essentially, how to ensure a seamless, comfortable and punctual journey.  As a result of this complexity, many people just end up choosing to take a bus or flight - worse for the environment, and often missing out on some great travel experiences...

This is where The India Train Guide comes in.  My website explains the nuances of travelling smart by train in India: understanding the different types of trains, how to find trains between two places (and avoid the bad ones), how to book tickets, how to make use of the different facilities at railway stations, how to carry your pet on a train - everything down to what the toilets are like...

The tabs above (from 'Basics' to 'Your Journey') answer the more elementary questions about rail travel in India.  These questions link to more detailed articles/tutorials about various aspects of travelling by train.  You can use the website's search feature to directly find an article you need, or just visit the full list of articles here.   


If you have a travel question not answered on the website, please contact me - I'll answer the question to the best of my ability (and add the article to my website if relevant).  Feel free to send me any other feedback or suggestions for improvement as well!